Luxury Paper Bags

We produce high quality laminated paper bags at affordable prices.
Luxury Paper Bags

We have a strong passion for beautiful packaging. To prove this, we offer free graphic design for your bags.

Realizing how far a bag with your logo may go, we can understand that the branded packaging is more than a piece or paper to carry your products. Your bag is your shop, your ideas, your aesthetics, your work, traveling in people's hands. This is you!

  • Our luxury carrier bags are not a luxury.
  • We have the best quality and prices in the UK market.
  • You choose : design, size, handle, lamination and we produce your idea only in high quality.
  • This type of bag is one of our top-selling products, a favorite among our clients.

You can choose from the below configuration options

Available sizes
  • About 300 ready sizes
  • new diecuts every month.
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  • C2S artpaper (velvet) 130-300 gsm
  • FBB Whiteboard 190-350 gsm
  • WF Bristol 100-200 gsm
  • White kraft 130-200 gsm
  • Brown kraft 130-170 gsm
  • Special papers (embossed, foil, etc) from the best European paper mills
  • High Resolution Offset (CMYK, pantones)
  • Hotstamping
  • Overprint
  • Offset varnish
  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Local UV
  • Matte + Local UV
  • Metallic
  • 4-8mm polyester and PP round Cords with knots or clips
  • Acrylic Ropes
  • Cotton Ropes
  • many types and qualities on Ribbons
  • PVC tubes
  • ...and many more
Lead Time
Chinese production
  • Approximately 10 weeks
Greek production
  • Overprint: 2 weeks
  • Offset printing: 5 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity
  • Overprint on our stock bags: 200 pcs.
  • Bespoke offset printing: 500 pcs.

Paper Bags Materials

C2S Velvet paper 130-300 gsm

This paper has a velvet touch on both sides, coating on both sides and can print clear and vivid colors on both sides, too. The color of the paper is bright white and we always advise our customer to use it with lamination only, as this is quite soft and relatively thin for its grams per square meter. As the printing in the velvet paper is perfect, that's why it was the preferred choice in paper bag last year with sales about 45%.

Superfine Whiteboard 190-300 gsm

This white carton does not have coating, but it has one polished side, so it prints very clear and vivid. The whiteboard is not bright white. If your design does not have a large white background area, or if you do not mind your bag to be a bit off white (egg-shell white), then this is absolutely the best choice you can make for your luxury paper bags. This cardboard paper is very thick and hard for its gsm. The whiteboard cardboard accepts lamination very well. Last year this carton was the 2nd choice from our customers, with sales of about 30%.

C1S selilosa paper 130-200 gsm

This paper is coated on one side, so we can print clear and bright colors on the outside of the bag and let the coarse side for the inside of the bag. As this is a special paper targeted mostly on the paper packaging industry, it has small production volumes making it more expensive than the C2S velvet, so we use it only when necessary. The outer side can accept lamination, but most customers choose this kind of paper without any lamination at all. This paper is thicker and stronger than the C2S velvet at the same gsm.

Kraft paper 100-200 gsm (white kraft and natural brown kraft)

The kraft paper does not have any coating, so it prints slightly less vivid colors than the coated papers and cardboard. This is very strong paper, and that's why we can also use it at very low grams, such as 80 gsm or less. The kraft paper has large fibers, so this is hard to tear, so using the 130 or 160 gsm we can have very strong paper bags, without need for lamination. In this paper it is advisable to avoid the lamination, as there is a great risk of microbubbles to appear, because both sides are rough. If you print large surface (like a dark large coverage background), then it is advisable to varnish. This avoids the risk of having color transfer from the printed bags to the material that will touch, for example by rubbing a printed black kraft bag on a white pair of trousers.

Special papers

We have hundreds of special paper and cardboards, so we can produce unique, "impressive" paper bags. These can be embossed, colored, iridescent, eco-friendly, patterned, with gold dust / glitter and many other styles into the fiber of the paper. Those special papers are quite expensive compared to the above four typical categories, but the result will be unparalleled and your customers will admire them.

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Why you should choose us

Best Prices
Due to production in Greece and China


Standard Market Prices
All printing techniques available:
8 color HD offset, full size hot stamping, screen printing, flexo printing, embossing, special shapes, etc.


Usually only
offset printing and hotstamping is available
Very wide choice of papers
1 or 2 side coated, brown and white kraft, bristol, whiteboard, embossed, special papers


Typical papers
usually Kraft, whiteboard and coated papers only
No Middlemen
You buy directly from the factory


Extra commissions that raises your prices
Express delivery
from 7 days


Regular delivery from 1 month or 3 months

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