Plastic Bags

If you want low cost packaging with the best quality, then our bespoke plastic bags are the proper bags for you.
We offer free design service if you want to create or refresh your design.
Plastic Bags

We can produce:

  • oxo-Biodegradable plastic bags
  • Printed using 12 colours
  • State-of-the-art high resolution Flexo technology.

You can choose from the below configuration options

Available sizes
  • Unlimited sizes, from 8x12 cm till 110x200 cm.
  • Biodegradable LDPE Polythene (Glossy) 30-120 mic
  • Biodegradable HDPE Polythene (Matte) 24-120 mic
  • Biodegradable Co-Ex (Different colour and material outside/inside): 55-110 microns
  • Clear polypropylene 30-100 microns
Extras (on request)
  • Vanilla perfume
  • Lavender perfume
  • Classic flexo printing (stack) up to 3+3 colours
  • High Resolution flexo (central drum) up to CMYK+8 Pantone colours per side
  • Diecut
  • Diecut+ patch reinforcement
  • Diecut + top fold 10cm
  • Soft loop
  • Soft loop + top fold 10cm
  • t-shirt
  • without handle
  • with peel & seal tape (mailing bags)

special cut also available upon request.

We can also deliver to you as rolls in your specifications.

Lead Time
  • Stack printing: 5 weeks
  • High resolution printing: 7 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity
  • Stack printing (1 or 2 colour): 60 kilos (about 4000 pcs of size 30x40, at 70mic thickness)
  • High resolution printing: 300 kilos (about 20.000pcs of size 30x40 at 70 mic)

Plastic Bag Types

As per the below table, we can produce almost all types and shapes of paper bags available in the market.

Flexible Handle (Soft loop)

Alt Text
Plastic bags with an external soft handle, in any colour of your choice (depending on the order quantity). The thickness of the material, begins from 35 microns and can be manufactured with any material of your choice. The minimum order quantity is 60 Kg per size.

Die Cut Handle

Die Cut Handle Sample
Bags of this type have an oval hole at the top of the bag. The minimum order quantity for this type of bag is 60 Kg per size (2 colour logo printing) or 300 Kg (printing with full coverage on the surface). The minimum thickness is 25 microns.

Die Cut + Glue Patch Handle

Die Cut + Glue Patch Handle Sample
Bags of this type usually have an oval hole at their top and a transparent glued reinforcement in the bag's interior (cold glued, around the handle hole), making them much stronger than conventional die-cut bags. The minimum order quantity for this type of bag is 500 kilos.

Die Cut + Thermal Patch Handle

Die Cut + Thermal Patch Handle Sample
Bags of this type usually have an oval hole at the top of the bag and a transparent glued (hot glue) reinforcement inside the bag (around the handle hole), also making them much stronger than traditional classic die-cut bags. The minimum order quantity for this type of bag is 300 kilos. Please note that the hot glue may show some dots on the bags, because of the high temperatures

T-Shirt Vest Bags

T-Shirt Vest Bags Sample
This type of bag is commonly used in supermarkets. It can be produced from a very thin to a very thick material (25 to 110 microns) in all qualities (except the Co-Ex). The printing coverage can be up to 80%. The minimum order quantity of those bags is 60 kilos per size.

E-Shop Envelopes

E-Shop Envelopes Sample
This is a new product in packaging, with a self-adhesive peel and seal tape, mostly used as e-shop envelopes. They combine a beautiful look to the safe transport of your goods with strong adhesive tape. We usually produce them with Co-Ex material with dark inside colour for sending safely your products to your customers. The minumum order quantity of those bags is 300 kilos per order

Multi-Use Plastic Bags without Handle

Multi-Use Plastic Bags without Handle Sample
We have them in stock at many different sizes. They are also suitable for food, and they do not have any closing or handle on top. You can also have them with your logo or your design printed, if you like. The minimum order quantity for this type of bag is 5 kilos (stock transparent bags) or 60 kilos per size (with 2 colours logo printing) or 300 kilos (printing with full coverage on the surface)

Special Bags for Clothes

Special Bags for Clothes Sample
Special bags for clothing companies who use them for their wholesales. Also used at the dry cleaning laundaries for safe storage of their customer's clothes. We can print your logo here, too


High Density Polythene

The HDPE is matte, hard and noisy (while creasing will make some noise).


Low Density Polythene

The LDPE is glossy, smooth and silent.


Coextrude Polythene

Using our high-tech extruders we can produce Co-Ex plastic film (either HDPE or LDPE in and out) which can combine HDPE (mat) / LDPE (high gloss) in / out in colours and combinations as per your specification. Using this production method your product will have a beautiful appearance combined with greater endurance compared to conventional materials. The thickness of the material starts from 40 microns.



This material is crystal clear, very hard and noisy (compared to the others).

We are care for the Environment!


Our company uses virgin PE (polythene) material to manufacture plastic bags. Unless requested, most bags we produce contain oxo-biodegradable additives so as to ensure our materials are environmentally friendly.

Lifespan of types of our bags:

  • Oxo-biodegradable bags: 1 to 4 years (depending on quantity of the OXO additive used)
  • Traditional plastic bags: 150 years

The oxo-biodegradable plastic bags is an eco-safe solution to the problem of plastic waste pollution!

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